Information and instructions on the equipment required to take HOME TOLC tests can be found on the CISIA website and here: The CISIA TOLC Online Test: general information. 4 positions. Positions: Positions: INTAKES AND DEADLINES (please, check the new call for Application 2019/2020 for the exact dates), I intake (Eu and assimilated only): from February 17 to April 16, 2020 (1 p.m cet), - 40 available positions University of Bologna must receive SAT official score report within April 16, 2020II intake (Non-Eu only): from February 17 to May 06, 2020 - 32  available positions University of Bologna must receive SAT official score report within May 06, 2020III intake (Eu and  assimilated only): from May 07 to July 10, 2020- 65 available positions University of Bologna must receive SAT official score report within July 10, 2020, Candidates participating with the English TOLC - E must have taken it by no later than July 9, 2020. 2885Kb 14 positions. 15:00 - 16:00 Procedure di ... Start your university life in Italy: Unibo student services. Italian. The minimum level is B1. Please update your calendars ISHS 2021 in Bertinoro 21 June - 25 June 2021. Candidates will have to attend the crash course in Mathematics at the beginning of the academic year, whenever they do not achieve the following results: < 500/800 in the math section of the SAT; < 4,5/13 in the math section of the ENGLISH TOLC-E. How to submit your ENGLISH TOLC - E score. The two tracks present the same course structure, but are ruled by standing-alone calls of admission. 324Kb This international ranking evaluates universities’ actions for and commitment to environmental sustainability. Final score. 2) Enter your Name, Surname and e-mail address. In case you prefer to contact the office via Microsoft Teams, write to our e-mail address and ask for an appointment via call/videocall. The following course units are scheduled at Buenos Aires: Corporate Finance (B.A.) Internship Office - winter holiday closures Information about the Internship Office closures and the handling of internship applications during winter holidays. Vuoi cambiare la password? Vittorie, emozioni, sacrifici e dedizione: scopriamo insieme quali sono i segreti e gli obiettivi degli atleti CUSB. Positions: Please read it carefully!!! 29 positions. 1) Choose the team that, in your opinion, produced the best video. 4 positions. Language: Look at the website of the College Board and get the news about where and when to take the SAT test; - Before sitting the test or, once you have taken the test, send your score to the University of Bologna (University code 6993). More information in the PhD Programme Table, Legal, Politological, Economic and Statistical Sciences, Positions: This possibility is extended to students registered from AY 13/14 and later academic years. French, Sono assicurati i servizi a distanza contattando gli uffici alle e-mail che trovi indicate nelle pagine di riferimento. ], [ At this point an automatic email will be sent to the address indicated. - Upload all requested documents to this page, - pay the registration fee (20 euro). More information in the PhD Programme Table, Language: Italian, Positions: More information in the PhD Programme Table. Application deadline: Dopo una prima parte introduttiva dei concetti principali di probabilità, statistica, econometria, ingegneria finanziaria e istituzioni dei mercati dell’intermediazione finanziaria, il corso introduce gli aspetti di frontiera del rischio di mercato, di credito e di liquidità. 1 (2020) Vol. SECS-P/01 60 hours, 9 credits, Spanish Language (B.A.) More information in the PhD Programme Table. More information in the PhD Programme Table, Positions: Language: 2020-2021. 13 positions. 6 positions. If you want to request recognition of previous studies, check how. 27 - 2020. 19 positions. More information in the PhD Programme Table. *, 2) PERFORMANCE RANKING AND ADDITIONAL LEARNING ACTIVITY (OFA). Inoltre, installando l’app sul tuo cellulare, sarai informato sulle scadenze e sulle modalità per l’iscrizione ai test di accesso e per l'immatricolazione. Positions: English. How to vote? 19 positions. The videos are visible in the "TEAMS" sections of this site. University of Bologna must receive SAT official score report within April 16, 2020 II intake (Non-Eu only): from February 17 to May 06, 2020 - 32 available positions University of Bologna must receive SAT official score report within May 06, 2020 III intake (Eu and assimilated only): from May 07 to July 10, 2020 - 65 available positions 18 No. What you can do NOW is to get prepared and take the ENGLISH TOLC - E test, 2. 18 No. Virtual classrooms are created and managed by universities in collaboration with CISIA. Positions: 10 positions. La scadenza per la registrazione a eFootball.Open è il 02/02/2020 alle 23:59 (UTC). ], [ Fall 2020 – COIL Course Title: Fashion and Culture: A Global Perspective Local Course Names: “Global Fashion” at Bologna University Rimini Campus ” Cross Cultural Studies” at FIT/State University of NY Instructors: Prof. Simona Maria Segre Reinach Prof. Yuniya (Yuni) Kawamura Course Description: This course brings together students from two institutions, Bologna University in+ Read More L'arco di tempo in cui si tengono le lezioni di un insegnamento 1: 07/09/2020 - 31/10/2020 2: 09/11/2020 - 17/12/2020 3: 08/02/2021 - 26/03/2021 4: 19/04/2021 - 29/05/2021 P: 21/09/2020 - 17/12/2020 S: 15/02/2021 - 29/05/2021 Positions: More information in the PhD Programme Table. Dopo esserti registrato a eFootball.Open, i dati delle partite che hai giocato in precedenza verranno usati per calcolare il … More information in the PhD Programme Table, Positions: Candidates will be able to access the final ranking of admitted applicants through the Studenti Online page. Positions: A.A. 2020-2021. 15 positions. 20 positions. More information in the PhD Programme Table. English, 8 positions., Email: SECS-P/09 60 hours, 9 credits, Attività a libera scelta 1* 60 hours, 9 credits, Attività a libera scelta 2* 60 hours, 9 credits, Business Strategy (B.A. Positions: German, The challenge 2020 Cities and locations. 30 positions. More information in the PhD Programme Table. Registration is open.Proposal abstracts will only be considered once registration has been completed. Team: Symbiont Society Project Score: 70.6/100. Italian, Positions: SAT stands for "Scholastic Assessment Test" and it is managed by College Board. For further information, please contact:programme coordinator:, programme tutor: Teams partecipating in the "Grand Finale" and scoring tables for Longyearbyen location. The semesters are reserved for a limited number of students, established annually in the call for admission. - Basic mathematics and logical reasoning. in Spanish) SECS-P/08 60 hours, 9 credits, International Marketing (B.A. Clabe has a limited number of available positions:- Eu and assimilated applicants: 105- Non-Eu applicants: 32- Special Unibo programmes: 3, 1. 11 positions. Positions: PLEASE NOTE: The 2020/21's "Call for applications" IS NOW CLOSED. 7 positions. * The School/Department Board may recognise elective learning activities included in the study plan and undertaken by the student at foreign universities and/or other bodies providing university-level teaching activities, with which agreements have been signed. University of Bologna International Students 2020/21 - Online welcome programme Biological, Geological and Agricultural Sciences. For 2020/2021 academic year there will be 140 places available in the Bologna track and 60 places available in the Buenos Aires track. More information in the PhD Programme Table. In the 2020 GreenMetric ranking, the University of Bologna confirms its first position in Italy for the fourth year in a row and climbs four positions, thus entering the top 10. The programme aims to training biotechnology and life sciences graduates who are specifically qualified to apply maths, statistics and computing to the structural and functional analysis of genomes. Registration for the online test and oral test: from 13th July at 10.00 a.m. - 31st July and from 25th August at 10.00 a.m. to 4th September 2020 at 10.00 am, Registrations are accepted on the first come, first served basis until places are available. French, 9 positions. English, .pdf La scadenza per la registrazione all'eFootball Season Program è il 24/05/2020 alle 23:59 (UTC). Corso di Laurea in Business and Economics (CLABE) is a restricted-access programme: this means that you will have to be selected to take part in it. Positions: Area sociale, economica, giuridica. Tipologia: Formazione permanente Sede: Rimini. 11:30 - 12:00 Unibo … English, Unfortunately, we have had to cancel ISHS 2020. .pdf To join the degree programme you have to show knowledge of English. We thank all those who participated this year and we hope that there will be as many requests next year as well. Hai dimenticato le credenziali? You will need to send to the responsible Student Administration Office a copy of your valid residence permit or, if your residence permit has not yet been issued, a copy of your study entry visa and subsequently a copy of the receipt confirming submission of your application, with which your matriculation will be accepted subject to verification; c) if you have a degree obtained abroad, see the detailed information. The 2020-21 Call for Application, here attached will guide you on how to apply to the selections to the Bologna Track. 22/10/2020. If you have a disability with an assessed level of invalidity of at least 66%, or you hold disability certification in accordance with Italian law 104/92, you can request exemption by sending the certificate proving the condition to the email address of the responsible Student Administration Office. NWU MAFIKENG (UNIBO)2020 has 6,927 members. 10 positions. Positions: The main difference between the two degree courses is that the Clabe BA students are going to attend their first year classes in the UniBo campus in Buenos Aires while the Clabe students  in the campus of Bologna. in Spanish) SECS-P/08 60 hours, 9 credits, International Economics (B.A.) When you pass the maths exam by the deadline set by the academic authorities, the additional learning requirement will be deemed to have ended. English, .pdf To contact the serectariat of the Collegio Superiore write to the the e-mail address: Alma Mater Studiorum. The exact student intake and the selection procedure will be published every year in a specific call for applications. Italian, Scientific committee Depending on performance outcomes, admitted applicants may be assigned compulsory Additional Learning Activities (OFA). Once you know if you have been admitted, follow the instructions published in the attachment box. Durata: 5 mesi (novembre 2020 - marzo 2021) Scadenza bando: 23/10/2020 … Non riesci ad accedere? .pdf German, Notice that scores take at least 3 weeks to be received. More information in the PhD Programme Table. More information in the PhD Programme Table. repository of examples and material for a3 course 2020-21. Gli uffici sono momentaneamente chiusi al pubblico. Al Senato Accademico dell'Alma Mater sono state sottoposte alcune proposte per incentivare l’iscrizione degli studenti internazionali ai corsi Unibo, assegnare i benefici e adottare misure che favoriscano gli studenti in mobilità internazionale, nei diversi programmi dell’Università di Bologna per il 2020… More information in the PhD Programme Table, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Medical Sciences. .pdf In accordance with the Decree of Council of Ministers published on 9/3/2020, the offices will guarantee the service remotely only. Spanish. You will need to send the degree documentation to the responsible Student Administration Office. Per osservazioni e/o segnalazioni in merito ai contenuti contattare la segreteria di redazione. Language: ], [ More information in the PhD Programme Table. 2020/21 will be carried out both online and in class. A minimum score will be set to the restricted-access admission test which is entirely designed to test if students know enough to join. You have the right to freedom of speech and expression. After you have checked that all the admission requirements have been met, you can enrol on Studenti online: a) if you are a non-EU citizen with EU equivalent status, you need to send a copy of the valid residence permit giving you EU equivalent status to the responsible Student Administration Office; b) if you are a non-EU citizen residing abroad, see the detailed information. More information in the PhD Programme Table. - read the Call for Application in order to complete all the steps required. Per problemi tecnici con i servizi del nuovo portale contattare via e-mail il web master del sito. French, Assessment of knowledge and language skills. 17 positions. All registration and accommodation payments will carry over to … 30 hours 3 credits to be chosen among the electives. If you fail an exam, you will be set a learning requirement consisting in attending a catch-up course in mathematics or other subjects that may be set, as outlined in the Call. The final exam of the Mathematics course must be passed within March 31, 2022 in order to fill the gap. Curriculum requirements Naturally, we are deeply disappointed but because of the extent of the pandemic we are left with no option. 12 positions. More information in the PhD Programme Table. If you are interested in the Buenos Aires Track, please, click here. Get The Future With Us Mari meraih masa depan gemilang melalui pendidikan berkualitas dan railah masa depan bersama kami Learn More Perguruan Tinggi Terbaik di … Positions: WACOMA - Academic Activities - Course Structure 2020/2021 WACOMA - 1st Semester Class Timetable at UNIBO 2020/2021 For your reference please have a look at the Academic Year 2019/2020 second semester. Positions: Positions: 6 positions. More information in the PhD Programme Table. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 18 positions. More information in the PhD Programme Table, Mathematical Physical, Chemical and Astronomical Sciences, Positions: May 21, 2020 at 01:00 PM (Expired), Biological, Geological and Agricultural Sciences, Language: Positions: Team: Polar Farmers Score: 65.00/100 Come contattare gli uffici durante l'emergenza Coronavirus COVID-19. What you can do NOW is to get prepared and take the SAT test, which is necessary to apply to CLABE - Bologna Track. Teaching activities in the second semester of the a.y. Se non diversamente specificato nel bando di ammissione, è possibile immatricolarsi e pagare la prima rata di tasse con una indennità di mora, fino al 26 novembre 2020. Any students admitted with a score lower than the set minimum will have to do an additional learning requirement (OFA). Failure to make the OFA grade by the official deadline published on the University Portal means having to re-enrol for the year in question. 22 positions. - a3-Unibo/a3_Co.De.S_2020-21 2 L. 264/99) on the basis of the resources available. A.Y.